About me

Hello Bellos!

Welcome to my little world of adventures

My name is Kim Leuenberger, but you probably know me just as Kimou - an old nickname I've had since forever, but that seems to have stood the passing of time! Originally, I come from Switzerland, but for the past 3 years and a half I've been living in this fabulous city that is London, and well, travelling around the world at the same time too!

Yes, as you will probably have guessed, I love travelling, adventuring, and, well, taking photos.

I've got a thing for small retro toy cars that I take with me everywhere I go, creating their own little world, and entering my little bubble of happiness. Photography is my life, you'll never see me without without a camera in my bag!

I think that as photographers, we've got this privilege of being able to see something beautiful around us at all times, so it would be a shame to not share our vision with the rest of the world, so I hope you'll enjoy my little moments of life.

Keep on exploring!